What to share on social media?

Of course, your content matters. Great text, great tips, great quotes. But… if you don’t show who it is coming from, you’re missing out. The most important thing to share on social media is: yourself!

Share yourself

Yes of course the content of your offer, your product, your service matters. People follow you because your content is meaningful. But going from following to buying people need more than great quotes, handy downloads, useful blogs.

What makes you buy

What makes people decide to buy from you is… YOU! People want to know who they buy from, if that person is genuine, if they feel a ‘click’. Especially when you are a coach, trainer, teacher it is vital to show yourself in pictures and videos.

Feel the click

Think about it. Why do you decide to follow a person on social media, hire that specific business coach, go to that yoga studio not down the street but on the other side of the city? Yes of course it matters what that person has to offer. But in the end you decide to hire a person, buy from that person because you like their vibe, you like them as a person, you feel that ‘click’.

What to share on social media

Ok you. Got it. But how? Easy: with quotes and blogs share a picture of yourself. Have a great tip? Don’t just write it down, share it in a short video as well. A big blog? Share it in a 10-minute or longer Facebook Live. It gives people the impression they have you as their own private teacher in that moment. Way more personal than 300 words. And way easier to connect with you.

So, when sharing your great content, don’t forget to share your most important ingredient. You.

Happy communicating. Nadine