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From newsletter till web texts. Your passion and knowledge translated into words.

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A good translation is more than text in a different language.

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Easy Peasy Communication

Enjoy writing and social media? But need some help?

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It started with a little seed, somewhere in the back of your head. Now you have your own company or will start one soon. But how to communicate your business? Get your first tip for effective communication for free! Want to know more...

Easy Peasy Training

Really enjoy writing? Love your social media? But somehow you just don’t get noticed? Need 3 glasses of wine before you can start writing a blog? Thus, getting a bit frustrated? Relax! Copywriting and social media is easy peasy. It’s all about knowing the right tricks. Learn the magic tricks...

Howdy or Hello

Your website is bilingual, you write your Facebook messages in English, or German. And yet, you can’t seem to attract new customers from across the border. Change that! Follow the online training Howdy or Hello and learn how to really communicate in a different culture! Read along...

The Orange Typewriter

Eight years old The Orange Typewriter already made her own magazines. She never stopped writing since. Growing up between typewriters and printing presses a study in journalism and design was unavoidable. The world as a borderless playground to live and work, she sees words as the most powerful tool to convey passion and knowledge.

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She has not only strengthened my idea but also communicated it in the most clear way.Vanessa Heuvelman – INBEELD Therapie