Social media ideas for the summer

Take a break this summer – How to get some summer breeze in your content

Ditch the Oxford Dictionary. In other words: lighten up. It’s summer. Most people wanna relax, have fun, recharge. Yes, you can still teach your audience SEO, go lean and green or computer programming, but lighten it up! In this article some great social media ideas for this summer.

Need some inspiration to get going? Turn on your favorite music and poor yourself your favorite beverage – bonus points for drinks with tiny umbrella’s. Seriously, give it a try! I write my best stuff when accompanied by Miles Davis and some good wine.

Some examples:

  • VA who loves hiking and specializes in tech support:
    • Post pictures of yourself conquering mountains
    • Give easy to implement tips that help your clients enjoy time of this summer without having to worry about their email sequences
  • App designer who is a total Marvel geek
    • Compare Loki’s episodes with app challenges (or how your app design is straight forward compared to Loki’s character)
    • Post a video where you connect the Marvel Universe to your work. Sounds way out there, but you’ll handle it (like you would have all infinite stones…)
  • Accountant and book worm?
    • Share pics of the stag of books you’re reading. You in your hammock swapping numbers for letters for the coming few weeks (great out-of-office message)
    • Tell them how you’ll help solve the number mystery for your clients like your favorite crime novelist.

Keep it fun, short and simple to digest. No long essays. Entertain your audience with useful tips, funny video’s, 1 page downloadables with easy to implement tips.

Here are some more ideas: 25 content ideas

Need some help? Wanna keep having fun with your content?

  • Do it yourself with the: DIY book link
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Happy communicating * Nadine