Write great copy? You can do it yourself!

Yes, there is a magic formula!

Not everybody needs a copywriter! Learn how to do it yourself with the DIY copywriting workbook of The Orange Typewriter.

    Find your Words

    The Find your Words - Easy Peasy Copywriting & Social Media Workbook has the magic formula for every good text. Whether its for your website, your next Facebook post or doing IGTV. The basis of whatever message is ALWAYS the same.

    In this workbook you'll learn:

    • How to find the words that make you stand out from the crowd - by being yourself.
    • How to write texts quickly and easily that your audience wants to read.
    • How to write an attention grabbing header.
    • Which social media platform to focus on to grow your business.
    • And how to do social media the right way for you and your audience.
    • The key to continues successful communication.


    • A monthly communication planner. No idea what to share on social media? See what a VAT expert shares and 'translate' it to your biz. There is no need to re-invent the wheel every time you post! The key to success is repetition, repetition, repetition.

    Costs: €25,- (excl. required VAT, depending on your location).

    Yes! I'm ready to conquer the world!Bring me to my DIY workbook

    She empowered my idea by using just the right words.Vanessa Heuvelman – INBEELD Therapy