Easy and fun summer content ideas

Wanna use this summer to come up with some (long-term) content, but are drawing a blank because hello summer? Or are overwhelmed and thus paralyzed because of all.the.possibilites?

Get inspired and get going with these quick action tips:

  1. Lost for ideas?

Use the seasons or special holidays.

For example:

Software developer?

  • Summer season + software = Your programs help you clients recharge their batteries or let them actually enjoy the summer because the software will take care of business.
  • Fun holiday + software = October 29th is internet day. December 2nd is World Computer Literacy Day. There are a gazillion days you could use to call a sale, promote a new program, or talk about the why of your company.

Yoga instructor?

  • Winter season + yoga = promote hot yoga to brighten up body and spirit.
  • Midsummer holiday + yoga = Organize a special evening class or festival. To celebrate how yoga is like a light for your soul or to celebrate the seasons of the body and mind.
  1. Paralyzed by the amount of social media possibilities?

Choose 1: New to the game or just too darn busy? Stick to one platform and one favorite type of content and excel in it. Don’t know whether to go for FB Live, IG Reel, YouTube or LinkedIn live? What do you find yourself watching or reading the most in your free time? Do that. Use that platform and forget the rest for now. You don’t have to do.it.all.

Enjoy the summer. Enjoy making content. Make it easy for yourself.

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Happy communicating


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