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Have the feeling time is your biggest enemy, your biggest challenge? Because as a Special Needs Supermom you just have too much to do, too much to remember, too many appointments, too many obligations, too little of nothing.

Trying to stay on top of the game by doing it all? And forgetting yourself in the process?

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I hear you!

Hey ya fellow special needs supermom, I’m Nadine. Entrepreneur, special needs supermom of an autistic wonderboy and a supergirl battling juvenile arthritis and proud military spouse. Time has always seemed like my biggest enemy, my biggest challenge. Always working against me. Because of all. the. things we as supermoms have to think about. And then I haven’t even mentioned me-time. I mean, seriously who has time for that? My run, going to bed on time, just doing nothing for 15 minutes while drinking a cup of joe - it was the first thing I sacrificed when my to-do list wasn’t ready. And be honest. When is our to-do list ever done?

Supermom got super tired.

Thankfully I found the solution to not only stay on top of the game, but also find and recharge my superpowers:

The Special Needs Supermom Planner!

A super handy planner (digital and printable) that helps you stay on top of the game by:

  • Helping you to manage your day with short daily ta-da lists for work, family and yourself. Combined with the clear time schedule it will help you prevent overplanning and therefore help you to stay in charge of your time.
  • Giving you a health tracker to help you to keep track of your kids’ health and progress from morning to evening, for food, sleep or exercise.
  • Supporting you with mini-breaks - to remind yourself to include breaks, however short, on a daily base to recharge yourself, so your superpowers don’t crash and burn. Including some ideas for 2, 5 and 15-minute mini-breaks, for both you and your kid(s).

The Planner includes:
  • Year overview - the most important events of the year all in one page.
  • Monthly overview - a handy quick 1 page overview to help you prevent overplanning.
  • Daily page - your guide to sanity with an inspirational quote for the day, a time schedule, space for your to-do’s of the day and a gratitude section.
  • Health tracker - to keep a clear overview of your child’s condition or behavior throughout the day and week.
  • Goals - to not only write down your goals for the month or week, but also your very own Mom Reward Chart.
  • Mini-breaks - Handy pages with tips for 1 to 15 minute breaks for yourself and your kiddo.
  • Take Note - to write down all those handy websites, books, apps, podcasts and what not you come across.

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Take back control

This planner will help you to take back control of your time! By having a realistic overview of your to-do’s compared with the time on your hand that day.

The Special Needs Supermom planner also helps you to plan in those much needed mini-breaks, so you can find and recharge your superpowers.

Combined with the health tracker, goal section and pages to take notes you will not only stay on top of your game, but also find the time for just you.

From to-do to ta-da!

By penciling in all your daily activities (yes, that includes driving kids to school, having breakfast, do the laundry etc.) and not just have a to-do list, you get a better grip on all. the. things. Set realistic goals and therefore help you stay on top of the game. The inspirational quotes will help you reevaluate, the daily gratitude section to see light in even the darkest days.

Thanks to the health tracker you can easily track your kids’ condition and/or behavior, so you can pull up the info whenever needed. The goal section with your very own Mom Reward Chart is to not only help you set realistic goals, but also is the place to pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with every little step you conquered. Even if it’s just for the day.

  • Want to feel in charge?
  • Have time (without guilt) for a mini-break?
  • Want to have a place to find and recharge your superpowers?

Look no further!

The planner is available as digital download and ink-friendly printable in the sizes A4, A5 and US letter.

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Wanna know what other supermoms thought about the planner?

“I think your Special Needs Supermom Planner is brilliant.  I love the heath tracker - it is so helpful to figure out what triggered my kid.”

“I think the Special Needs Supermom Planner is totally fantastic! I love all the different bits and how easy it is to access them.”

Yvette: “I think the planner is really great, cute and I loooove the stickers.”

Yes, gimme my planner!

Stay safe 🧡 Stay sane 🧘 Stay happy 💃


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