Special Needs Supermom Podcast

Heya fellow supermom, I am glad you’re here. I am Nadine van Lierop, your host and a special needs supermom of an autistic wonderboy and a supergirl battling juvenal arthritis.

Welcome to this Special Needs Supermom Platform where you can find:

  • The Special Needs Supermom podcast to recharge your superpowers.
  • The Special Needs Supermom planner that will help you conquer time and find time for yourself all while staying on top of things.
  • Link to the tribe for special needs moms.
  • Your very own Mom Reward Chart.

The planner

The Special Needs Supermom planner is the planner that will not only help you go from endless to-do lists to tadaaa lists, it also helps you find time, keep track of your kid's health and thus help identify possible triggers, set goals and be rewarded. Available as digital planner and ink-friendly printable in A4, A5 and US letter size. Find out more here.

Your tribe

Looking for a tribe of like-minded women that understand you? A place to laugh, grieve, cry, vent, get tips and just be you without being judged? Look no further! Join your - private - Special Needs Supermoms group here!

The Mom Reward Chart

Yes, reward yourself! Why should getting a sticker only be for kids? Print out your very own Mom Reward Chart, set a goal and reward yourself for every damn day you did whatever you intended. Even if it is just getting out of bed!

The podcast

The Special Needs Supermom podcast is the glass of wine for your mind. A little break, stories of professionals and fellow supermoms, packed with tips to find and recharge your superpowers. So just relax, here’s your wine…

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