How to stand out in the crowd – Part 2

Easy peasy branding

Passionate about something? Why not use that in your branding?! You are probably not the only copywriter, coach, therapist, facilitator, yoga instructor etc. So you have to stand out in the crowd. And that is so much easier than you think. You just have to be yourself. (Find the live talk here – How to stand out in the crowd – part 1)

Don’t copy the competitor

Wait, what? That just sounds lame. And way to easy. And why shouldn’t you use the style of that really successful competitor? You want to be just as successful!

I understand, but realize that:

  1. That success didn’t happen overnight.
  2. Copying their words and style is plagiarism by the way, and you don’t want to get yourself in trouble right?
  3. Copying somebody else’s words and style doesn’t make you stand out! Why should they go to you, when you offer the exact same thing, the exact same way? How do you differ from the competitors?
  4. It is really time consuming: always checking out what the competitor communicates and then incorporate that in your communication. Really, you want to use your precious time looking at what others do?
  5. It is also really time consuming because It will cost you twice the amount of time writing or doing videos, because you are trying to think as somebody you are not.
Your quirks – your superpower

What then? Use yourself as inspiration, really! Think about what makes you tick, what gives you energy, what your quirks are. And use that in your communication! It will make communicating so much easier. And you’ll find the right clients doing so, because they understand the references you use, get the inside jokes you make. They’ll relate and thus connect.


  • Big fan of the Greeks? Why not use names of Greek gods for your program, use the powers of those gods to describe what clients can gain following your program.
  • Fantasy geek? Why should you not incorporate that in your logo with a wand (I can recommend the Nimbus 2000) and refer to the movies in your videos. But you’re an accountant? I would love an accountant doing this (really send me a PM) – because I really don’t get numbers, so think I don’t get accountants too. This is a great way connecting to people not getting your business, but needing your services!
  • Ultra runner? Getting somewhere – doing mileage – one step at the time – ready to race – getting dirty getting somewhere – runners high… do I need to get on? There are so many words you can incorporate in your texts.
  • Shoe addict? Why not make photos for your posts with funky shoes in it (even if it is just in the corner of the phot? It will make you stand out. And attract clients that can appreciate the little joke and get the whole shoe thing.
  • If you already have a slogan that really says it all – make sure you let that come back in every text you write. Whether that is as a subtitle, a logo stamp, a reference in the text it self or your greeting at the end. Don’t stop the vibe with the slogan.

Be yourself and your ideal clients will find you, relate and thus connect.

Happy communicating!