How to make killer headlines. Easy Peasy.

Want to make sure people read beyond the first line of your message? Make sure you have a killer headline that grabs people’s attention. And that’s easy peasy. Just follow a few simple rules!

The rules for killer headlines

Number 1:

Be clear with what you offer. Nothing irritates people more than vague texts. We are busy. We just have a 15-minute break making dinner while scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed, while our kids are having a fight, again, in the living room because well, you know they are breathing each others air… So make sure what you have to say is clear instantly. Especially if we don’t know you.

Number 2:

be clear! (really, this is the number 1 rule). And then combine with one of the following rules:

Number 3:

Offer a solution (like ‘How to make killer headlines). Yoga instructor? What about ‘1 minute yoga pose for relaxation’. Designed beautiful red velvet heels? ‘Killer heels for corporate power women’. What are your clients looking for? How can you help them. In 1 sentence.

Number 4:

Be personal. Your client doesn’t want to be addressed as one OF a million, she wants to feel like one IN a million. For instance: ‘Need some me-time? This is for you’.

Number 5:

Call to action. ‘Want to learn how to right your own copy? Sign up now!’, ‘Pre-order the red killer heels now, before they sell out!’, ‘Need instant relaxation? Watch this video’.

Number 6:

Be enthusiastic. You are not the only one in your clients newsfeed. And really why should they care? If you can’t even be enthusiastic in the first line, why should they pay attention? So instead of saying ‘Relax, sign up for the next yoga course’ say something like ‘You’ll never feel so relaxed again! Sign up now for the next yoga course!’ (ps but be easy on the exclamation marks: too many is the same as screaming).

Number 7:

Ok, ok and intriguing. As long as it is relevant and your audience already knows you! The header of your text message is NOT the title of the next Pulitzer price or Hollywood blockbuster.

Easy peasy copywriting tips by your Orange Typewriter!

Happy communicating 🙂