Treat your clients like royalty – not only during the party

Treat your clients like royalty

Prepping, party and the aftermath


Who doesn’t like a good party?! Whether it’s small, big, with family or friends. The memory of a good party lasts a lifetime. And for your clients that is how your services, your product should feel like.

Prepping for the party

It starts with the pre-fun while prepping for the party. Getting fired up, enthusiastic, excited before the party even begins. You get the right outfit, put on funky dancing shoes, do your hair… all while playing your favorite cd. Just to get into that party vibe. You want to create that same fun atmosphere for your clients, even before they received your product.

When they order your coaching service, get them excited beforehand with enthusiastic mails telling them how much you are looking forward to it. Get them ready by sending them info they have to think about beforehand, make a questionnaire that will show them you really want to know all about them and how you can help them.

Did they order new shoes from you? Besides a confirmation mail, send a photo of the purchased product with a gif-image of somebody dancing.

Are they going to follow your yoga services in two months? Send a series of e-mails with inspirational quotes, videos of a simple yoga-pose they can start doing, or even the latest blog of your own yoga-guru. All to inspire your client and get them enthusiastic before they even got your product.

The party itself

Your product, your service should of course be like the party of the century: something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The entrance to the party should be your wrapping: special, standing out from the crowd. How that looks in PDF? Colorful, with special fonts, images. So when people buy a course or workbook, download your free planner: make sure it looks like you’ve put all your energy in it. Including the e-mail or MailChimp landingspage they download it from! Address it like you’ve written it especially for them and not for a crowd (yes you want a gazillion people buying your online course – but you don’t want to give them the feeling it is a mass-product right? It should feel like one in a million. Not one of a million).

You make shoes? Don’t just send your product. Invest in the design of the box, send a handwritten card with it. It’s like a margarita: that sugar rim on the glass just gives it that extra little oomph.

The memories

So your client bought your product, started your yoga-class, finished the coaching-sessions. Let them relive the party by sending them a thank you note a week after they received your product, send your yoga-students a nice e-mail once in a while with book tips, a coupon, a video of a yoga morning routine, send your trainee a nice digital workbook to keep on track after the coaching sessions have ended. That way the memory won’t fade away.

When your client feels treated like royal by you, they are much more likely to not only remember you and come back, changes are way bigger that they’ll also they’ll highly recommend you to new potential customers!