The best writing tip

Dealing with writer’s block? Always struggling with how to start and what to write? Need a bottle of wine to loosen up and get some inspiration? And when you did write and post something nobody seems to notice or bothered to read it? Except your mom? Here is the best writing tip.

Magic Formula

First, relax! Writing a good text is easier than you think. When you know how to, it not only makes it easier for you, but also attracts more readers, which in turn will more likely become customers!
The trick? The 5 w’s and 1 h: who, what, where, when, why and how. THIS is the basis of every good text. Whether it’s for your latest blog, a text on your website or FB ad.


Yes. Why? Because the purpose of every message is to make something clear, bring the message – the intention – of your post across. Keep in mind that nowadays everybody is busy, busy, busy. News feeds are updated 24/7, people are getting a gazillion emails, daily life itself… In that chaos you have 1.5 seconds to grab someone’s attention on social media. 6 to 7 seconds with your website. So intriguing, vague posts? Nobody has the time or wants to take the time to go through a lengthy e-mail to only at the end get to the meaning of it. So be clear from the start!

  • Who – For who is your text intended?
  • What – What is the subject?
  • Where – Where does it take place? Or where can I buy your product??
  • When – When will it take place?
  • Why – Why should someone buy your service or product? What’s in it for them? Explain each argument in a separate paragraph.
  • How – So, how is your service/product going to benefit me? How does working with you look like?

Happy communicating 🙂 Nadine