Social media – How often should you post something?

So you haven’t posted anything on social media last week, or the last two weeks. Because you got the flu, were too busy with your clients or were recovering from a car accident (like me).  O no! What now?

Well, nothing.

And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The online world is busy. All. The. Time. It can be quite overwhelming. And annoying. Like the posts from that so-called guru that you once liked and now you get e-mails from several times a week (with the same message wrapped in countless different offers…). Besides annoying you can also give a wrong impression: because apparently you have nothing else to do.

Be valuable

Much more important is that when you do post, it is valuable for your audience. Better a newsletter with handy information once every other week then daily inspirational quotes that are nice to read, but don’t really have value for your clients. Big chance your audience will skip your next message because they think they won’t miss out if they do so this time, and the next…

Not a rat race

Of course you need to be visible online with your business nowadays. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to be out there 24/7. It is not a rat race. Try to be the online oasis for your clients: something they WANT to read in the hectic online world, something that will help them.

No gaps? Plan!

Don’t like unexpected gaps in your social media planning? You can avoid this most of the time by planning ahead.

  • Have a ‘blog’ day where you come up with and write out all the subjects for your blogs for the coming month. Or tape several videos in one day.
  • When possible use your social medium to schedule and place your postings (Facebook f.i. is ideal for this).
  • Make a communication planner where you write out your communication moments for the coming month, including blogs, ads, follow ups etc. – Click here for the free Communication in a Nutshell workbook including a free communication planner and example. To make sure you stay in the right flow and communicate the same message, write them all out in one day. So for the rest of the month you only have to post.

So relax. You can skip a week. Or two. Be valuable, that’s what matters.