Procrastinating? Eat the muffin one bite at the time

Procrastinating when it comes down to your business communication? Because you just don’t know where and how to start first? Social media posts, videos, product news on your website and oh wait what about an Instagram account?!

Relax! Eat the muffin one bite at the time .

How to? Easy!
  1. Nobody wants to eat muffins all the time . Block a set amount of time each week to do your communication. Whether that is 1 day, one morning or 2 hours.
  2. Focus on one flavor at the time. When busy with your communication focus on 1 aspect that set time. That can be an hour where you only brainstorm subjects for your blogposts, a day where you shoot all the videos for the coming month, or write and set up all your social media posts.
  3. Go live on set times. Your clients are busy, as are you. Nobody wants to see muffins all the time . So schedule your blogs, videos, adding new products to your webshop. That way you stay in the loop and don’t feel pressure all the time.

Want to know how to communicate and oomph your business?

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Enjoy your muffin!