The perfect headline is to the point

Want people to start reading your post? Make sure your header is not only an attention grabber but also to the point! As long as it is not the title of your 500-page novel or you are a well-known guru, stay away of intriguing but vague and mystique headlines for your article.

Make us happy

Why? We don’t have time. And really don’t care. We just want your solution, your offer. If that’s clear and helpful to us, then we are happy to take our time. Sounds rude? Perhaps. But you have to realize your clients are busy all. the. time.

1.5 seconds

Facebook, for instance, is our in between, don’t want to be bored – but don’t have time for long reads – medium. Yes, we love value. Something that lifts our spirit, helps our business, gives insights. But with the 1.5 seconds people will decide whether or not they are going to read your article, you have to make sure your headline is to the point and the intro as well. So people can see in a split second if your product is something that they need, want, like.

Who should read your post

“But I want as much people as possible opening and reading my post!” Really? Don’t you rather have actual potential customers to open and read it? You can better have your post read entirely by a 100 people than your post clicked on by a 1000 that only stay on for 5 seconds. Being clear right away, it will give you the clients that you want (willing to pay for your product). Instead of having a lot of exposure without follow-ups and people actually being irritated because they wasted their time on something that sound intriguing but wasn’t suited for them.

The golden rule

So get the right people to read your post by following:

The golden rule:

  1. Be to the point
  1. Offer instant solution
  2. Be personal
  3. Call-to-action
  4. Enthusiastic
  5. Ok ok and intriguing – to the point that your relevance is clear.

You being clear and saving people time doing so, will already get you appreciation and the right clients.