The basic rules for an effective press release

Your product is ready, you’ve made beautiful pictures, added it to your website and then… your press release. You’ve got so much to tell, your article gets longer and longer, but not better. What to do?

Basic rules

Simple. Open an empty document. Write down 5 w’s and one h underneath each other. That is the basis of your message. The only rule you’ve got to follow: Who, what, where, when, why and how.

News articles have to be simple. With a clear message. So that your potential clients who read it, know what your product is about; for who it is intended; when it is released; how it is made; where they can purchase it, or in case of an event when it takes place and where; and why they should buy it.

But, but

But you’ve got so much more to tell than just the facts? Of course you have, but that’s not what a press release is about. That is purely to announce it to the world. Trigger, elaborate and/or explain why you came to your product is what you do in Facebook ads, blogs, vlogs, webinars etc.

So be clear, be strong, be persuasive. In 5 w’s and 1 h.