Shit happens, move on

Say what? Yup, one moment or the other you’ll make a mistake. And there is no sugar coating it, that just sucks. You were doing so well, getting new clients, gaining more confidence in the thing you do, already did several videos and than… Than you upload a wrong picture on the website of your client, send a raw text proposal in stead of the final version, used the wrong numbers in a report, make a mistake in your blog or – God forbid – mumble during your Facebook Live.

Want to hide

Your client upset, social media mocks you. The world just seems to stop. First reaction? You feel paralyzed. And if you can move, you just want to hide. Totally normal. And go ahead, do it. For 5 minutes.

Then take action. Making mistakes are human. But admit it. Show up for it. Own it. Your client will appreciate it, so will your followers.

Nobody is perfect

When it comes down to doing video’s or Facebook Lives you are probably your own worst critic. That mumbling during your Facebook Live, did somebody commented at all about it? People appreciate it much more that you are authentic than this picture perfect speech wonder that will only make them feel insecure. Because if your trainer even makes mistakes, it might actually help them take that first step in doing whatever they want to do as well, but didn’t have the guts to do so far.

Your client will appreciate you taking action immediately and being honest about it. Maybe you’ll loose a client, or a follower. Regarding the client: that really is too bad, but you’ll learn from it. Regarding followers: do you really want such high-maintenance followers?

Make a mistake, learn from it and move on. Shit happens. It is up to you how you’ll let it impact your life.

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