Plunge into the cold water

Plunge into the cold water

In the Netherlands New Year’s Day is usually seen in with the traditional “New Year’s dive”. With current temperatures  you have to be a brave and confident soul to jump into the North Sea. Its temperature is normally around 4.5 degrees (Celsius) at this time of year – boldness, bravery & a little bit of crazy, go hand in hand! 

There are beaches up and down the country – the largest swim normally being taken at Scheveningen beach in North Holland – crammed with approx. 10,000 shivering would be swimmers and stalls of hot chocolate and transitional Dutch pea soup ready for them when they’re finished.

You might ask – what does the New Year’s dive and business have in common? It both has to do with bravery.

Is it your plan? 

Bravery doesn’t mean that you need to attempt to climb mount Everest or decide to dive into a freezing North Sea in the middle of winter – it can be something as simple as speaking out when others won’t.

The new year’s dive gets more popular by the year. Like certain things in businesses: vision boards, yearly – completely new – goal setting sessions, TikTok, or the latest buzz: Clubhouse. But like the New Year’s dive, you don’t have to do those things simply because someone else is enthusiastic about it. Before you create plans for the coming year: double check if they are truly your plans.

Overcoming fear

Of course, you can feel unsure or even feel a bit afraid. But if deep down you can’t wait to dive into that freezing cold North Sea water so to speak, go for it!

We all know the saying “risks come with rewards”, owning your own business means that you are going to need to take a dive now and then, take risks. Sometimes you’ll fall, but even then, you’ll learn and thus grow from it.

As an expat, business owner, philanthropist and international copywriter but also as a special needs mom, I knew I had the bravery. And the drive. Sometimes I deliberately took the plunge, sometimes somebody threw me in the freezing water. But I always emerged. And became better for it.

International waters

That doesn’t mean you have to dive right in without practice. Especially if you’re planning to move your business to international waters.

As a seasoned expat I love and see the importance of intercultural communication. And I see the effects when it gets downplayed. Missing the right tone of voice leads to miscommunication and thus misunderstanding. So, when you dream to take business across the border: dive into it! Explore, get to know the cultural background of your clients and incorporate it into your communication.


Ready to dive into the international ocean, but would prefer to this with a lifeline? Want to skip the doggy paddling stage and immediately go to the advanced-level swimmer stage? Knowing what to say and how to say it so you do get noticed and thus attract clients? Get in touch for a free consultation so that we can discuss how I help you to communicate with your ideal clients, regardless of their geographical location.

Happy communicating