Getting ready for x-mas aka repurposing

Getting ready for x-mas, aka the power of repurposing

I am sure you are in one of two camps – you’ve had your x-mas list ready for months when it comes to gifts, cards, emails to write and your social media has been planned in advance. Or you’re in the other camp where everything is left to the last minute, especially in the current climate of living with our “new normal”. Getting your message out there and staying on top of your social media during the festive season and busy periods of our lives doesn’t need to be difficult. There’s a simple solution – repurposing. 

7 is the magic number

Repurposing shouldn’t be seen as a dirty word – or imply that you’re being lazy. You’re in fact reusing for instance blogs that you know will be of service to your audience. Did you know you need to ‘see’ something 7 times before it sticks in your mind? So, when repurposing you’re actually doing your customers a favor!

Which one should you repurpose you ask? The blogs and posts that gained the most traction and interest! There is a reason they got the most attention before!

But how?

You can either go the DIY route or use repurposing software. DIY? Here are some ideas, besides ‘just’ resharing a post:

  • Storytelling style: just share your intriguing intro or a catchy line.
  • Bullet point post: share a few – short – highlights.
  • Throw some facts in an infographic.
  • Do a ‘live’ on your written post. Podcast? Also share on YouTube – no you don’t need video perse.

Wanna make it easier on yourself (because let’s face it, the above can still be time consuming)? Use some smart software! The app for instance, is a fantastic tool for repurposing content (and no I’m not an affiliate). It allows you to automatically generate bite-size pieces of content from your existing blogs – then schedules them to share across your favorite social channels on autopilot. Which means that you can have a number of your past blog posts still generating interest, traction and even gaining new members of your audience.

So, relax

You don’t need to come up with new content in the busiest season of the year. You know you’ve posted brilliant content before, therefore reuse it. All us busy bees are happy you reshared, because there is a good change we’ve missed (or forgot) it the first time when it came around.

Happy communicating during the festive season – Nadine