Facebook algorithm changed! Make sure your posts aren’t labeled Engagement Bait

Not allowed anymore: fishing for engagement.

‘Engagement what?’ I hear you think. ‘Am I doing that?’ Well chances are high you do.

“Like if you agree.”

“Share to win…”

“Comment to win…”

“Like and share to win…”

“Like this post if you are…. or want…”

“Tag a friend to …..”

Sounds familiar? Not strange if it does, because this has been the social media strategy to increase your reach and grow your business.

Fishing? Guaranteed low reach

But not anymore! If you will continue to do posts that require audience to like, share or comment. Fishing thus to get engagement, Facebook will cut your reach from now on. And not just a little bit.

Examples of what is NOT allowed anymore:

  • React bait: “Give a comment below to receive the 5 best newsletter templates”
  • Contests: “Share and like if you want to make a chance on winning a one on one strategy session with me”
  • Vote Bait: “A poll asking people to vote for something like “What are your business resolutions for 2018? Double my profit, create a new product, find better work/life balance or hire people. Choose your goal.”
  • Tag bait: “Tag a friend who could use this tip”
  • Comment bait: “Comment below if you want to get the 10 best e-mail templates”
  • Share Bait: “Share this post if you want to have a change on winning this planner”

So, now what?

Don’t panic. Yes, you might have to change the way you used to get attention, but you’ve got this.

What does Facebook want? Simple: Authenticity

How you do that? By posting relevant and meaningful stories. And that really is easier than you think. You have something to offer people. Something that will help them. That’s what you should communicate. Bring value to your (potential) clients. By sharing knowledge. You have a unique business. I don’t mean as in being the only one in the world offering the services or product that you do. No the uniqueness is you. Your vision, your style. Use that.

Reach out by being authentic, relevant and valuable.

That is what counts in the end. And will get you your clients.