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A cool website, but you want visitors to remember not only your flashy web pages but also your message? It is all about the right style. Not only in the front, but also in the backend of your website.

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You want your website to be flashy, and lasting. Smooth and informative. With the right sequence in (sub)pages, a click flow that makes sense and catchy text. The Orange Typewriter can write your web text but also do your content management. So your front makes a lasting impression, while the backend will make sure you will be found!

The backend of your website

Beautiful, impressive web design and a webhost subscription promising the world. But zero hits. SEO – search engine optimization is key when you want to be found online. Having said that: are the keywords used by your potential clients when searching for your product, placed in the backend of your website pages?

Your webhost promised SEO would be included? If only it was that simple. Big chance you have a big party webhost, where you ordered an automated product. So how well do they know you and your business? Know your customers?

The Orange Typewriter can not only write your web texts; she can also make sure you increase your Google ranking! Good SEO is indispensable if you want to be found at all. And that involves more than a few keywords in the backend of your website. Google uses more than 200 ways to rank you, and that algorithm changes frequently. If you don’t offer a total unique product or are a one of its kind company, you will need to use different ways, use different channels to Google up your ranking.

Understanding how this works and what needs to be done to Google up your ranking is vital when you want to be found. The Orange Typewriter makes sure you will be!

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