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You have a great product. And it’s going really well with your company in your home country. Your website is availabe in several languages, write your Facebook messages in English, or German. But that doesn’t generate any clients from abroad. That’s going to change!

More than a translation

The online training Howdy or Hello of The Orange Typewriter teaches you what to do in your communication when going global with your business. Capturing the culture in your texts is crucial. And of even if not more importance than a good translation. Simply because somebody from the Southern part of Germany communicates in a different style, values different things, compared to a business woman from California. Culture matters.

American vs mainland European football

When crossing the boarder, you need to know how to play the game. Playing football in America is a whole different ball game than playing football in Europe. If you don’t know that beforehand, nobody will take you serious and you can actually hurt yourself when entering the playing field. It’s the same when doing business. Thus, prepare! Know what the customs are in the country you want to do business with, and change your texts accordingly!

Capture the culture

Want to be successfully abroad? Don’t just translate your communication, include the culture of your customer in it! The training Howdy or Hello helps you understand your customer abroad and teaches you how to successfully connect. So your business doesn’t stop at the boarder.

Yes! I want to connect abroad! Send me more information about the training Howdy or Hello or the – more than – translation services of The Orange Typewriter.

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