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Easy Peasy Copywriting Workbook

The Easy Peasy Copywriting Workbook makes writing – like the title says – easy peasy lemon squeezy. The trick? Use the basic rule for good copy and incorporate your personality in what you write. The basic rule I learned at the School of Journalism and Public Relations a hundred years ago and is still taught and considered to be the most important rule for good texts till this day.

That dreaded first sentence…

  • Do you as an entrepreneur struggle to find the right words?
  • Does it take you hours to get that first sentence on paper?
  • Do you hardly post on social media simply because writing just one post takes you half a day?
  • Would love to hire a copywriter and social media manager, but is this financial not possible yet?

First tip: stop doing what others are doing. Wouldn’t that be boring if everyone would write and post in the exact same way? If you wanna stand out from the crowd, you simply have to be yourself. Because there is no one like you.

Easy Peasy Copywriting Workbook

Second tip: use the Easy Peasy Copywriting Workbook. This workbook helps you to translate your personality into words and teaches you how to write a website text, social media post, blog or even the script for your podcast in no-time.

The Copywriting Workbook teaches you:

  • How to find the words that will help you stand out from the crowd – just by being yourself.
  • How to easily write texts in no-time. A text potential customers actually want to read or listen to
  • How to write an attention-grabbing header or first line.
  • On which social media platform you should focus to help you grow your business.
  • How easy social media can be and how to use it in a way that serves you and your company.

The costs of your new Easy Peasy Copywriting Workbook: €25,- (excl. possible VAT, depending on where you are located).

Start writing easy peasy!Get your Copywriting Workbook here
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Do you need a bit more help? Besides writing damn good copy in both Dutch and English, I can help you with functional typography and design, training on neurodiversity on the workplace and neurodiverse entrepreneurship. Mail me at with your quest to get to your destiny!

I love working with Nadine! She is very pro-active and creative, coming up with new and relevant subjects for my blogs and social media posts. Kariem Makhlouf – Comfortica