Make sure you capture the culture in your communication

So you want to take your business abroad? The Orange Typewriter knows that a good translation is more than just writing a text in a different language.


You don’t convince people just by words. You have to use the right tone to ‘touch’ someone. And that tone is different for every culture. Doing business in Germany you want to be more formal, and like with the Dutch some modesty is in order too. But in the USA it’s a whole different ballgame. 

Your audience

Product news is product news I hear you think? That goes for measurements perhaps (if you leave the whole metric discussion aside), but how you present your product really depends on the audience. Besides talking corporate or reaching out to outdoor adventurers, you have to take your clients culture into account as well. You need to communicate on the correct social and demographic level.

Say what? Nope, I’m not pulling your leg. What do you sell? To whom? Do you do business in Germany or the USA? Take your clients culture into account when communicating. A great product deserves the right ‘language’!

Want to be heard abroad? Need to communicate in English? Properly? In the right ‘tone’? Contact The Orange Typewriter…

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A good translation is more than text in a different language.

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