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Passion translated into words

You have passion for your company, your profession. The Orange Typewriter translates that passion into words and places them in the right context. So your knowledge and strength are evident for your potential clients.

The right style for your client

Every medium has its own ‘language’, its own way of doing things. Enthusiastic or serious, technical or airy? The tone of your message decides whether or not your client feels addressed. Example? Read the following two lines:

  • We give really good advice!
  • You can be ensured to get quality advise from our company.

It basically says the same. But which one appeals most to you? Is that the same case with your customers? With the Orange Typewriter you are guaranteed to hit the right tone!

Hard copy and web content

Besides hitting the right tone, it is also important to use the right medium. Where are your clients hanging out? Do you have to convince via a technical document or a catchy Facebook message? From press release till product news, from Facebook message till SEO, The Orange Typewriter makes sure your passion will be translated and broadcasted the right way.

Curious? Want to know more? And want your texts to do the same? Contact The Orange Typewriter to translate your passion and knowledge to words.

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