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Hellooooo? Anybody out there?

Recognize that feeling of total frustration that no matter what you do people just can’t seem to find your business?

Under an invisibility cloak
  • Have the feeling your message just doesn’t come across?
  • Does it seem your website and social media are covered under an invisibility cloak and you just don’t know how to shake it off?
  • That although you’ve put so much effort in your website, it still misses that oomph?
  • Are you totally frustrated because even if people find your website they seem to leave skit marks leaving it?
Almost ready to throw in the towel? Because you don’t know what to do anymore? While you know you and your business can make a difference to people? Relax. You’ll get there!
Are you the entrepreneur that:
  • Started your own business. Which is doing kinda ok.
  • Have a website out there. But that kinda says it all.
  • Is on social media. Sometimes. Because, honestly, you just don’t know how to not only be yourself but also what to post all the time (how do people do that???).
  • Have so many ideas that just keep being stuck in your head.
  • If your business sparks joy but for some reason your communication doesn’t
  • If your business doesn’t have that pizzazz that makes you stand out from the crowd and thus doesn’t attracts (more) clients.
Are you ready to go to the next level and conquer the game? Then this is for you.
  1. For the entrepreneur who wants to shred that invisibility cloak.
  2. Who wants to Find the Words that translate your personality, your passion and your business.
  3. Who needs someone that can help shape your message.
  4. That can make you more visible and thus not only make you easier to find.
  5. But also help you attract the right audience?
  6. And thus grow your business.
Ready for the next level in your business?

Then ‘Find your Words – Get More Clients’ is the mentor program you’re looking for.

It will help you:

  • Find the words that describe you, your passion and your business best
  • Find your words that will attract clients
  • Get you and your business visible so you’ll attract the right audience
  • Help you sharpen your message by subediting your texts

How? By:

  • Entangling your communication struggle.
  • Helping you Find the Words that match you and your business, so you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • Helping you write the texts you’ll need.
  • Mastering your social media platform in a way that makes you actually not only enjoy being online but will also attract the right audience.
  • Being a mentor and sparring partner to help you tackle your problems and frustrations and turn ideas into the reality you need and want.

Within 4 months you will have:

  • A clear message to communicate to the world
  • Translated to your website, social media, network pitch, and whatever else that will work for you and your business
  • A social media strategy that will work for you and not frustrates the living daylight out of you
  • And with all this… a yellow brick road to the clients you want and deserve!

Your Find your Words mentoring program includes:

  • 10 1-hour mentor sessions
  • Intake session of 90 minutes
  • Audit of all your current communication (website, social media etc.)
  • The complete Easy Peasy Communication workbook series to help you sharpen your message. Which will help you find your own unique words to communicate (nobody needs or wants more bullshit bingo words right?), write website texts that will attract clients, find your ideal social media platform and how to voice your message there, easily write blogs and shoot (anxiety-free) easy peasy effective videos for YouTube, IG-TV and Facebook.
  • Subediting of your main texts (like your website home page, about me page and product page)
  • Social media strategy that will spark joy instead of social media anxiety. And helps you grow your online visibility.
  • Your own mentor and sparring partner to tackle the flying monkeys and help you find the yellow brick road to emerald city, I mean clients.

Investment in yourself and your growing business:

€2665,- excl. VAT.

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