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Communicating is easy peasy

A short press release, your own web text. How hard can it be? English? Don’t you have Google Translate for that? But why o why don’t you get more hits on your website? Why doesn’t that foreign customer keep in contact? The Orange Typewriter teaches you the secrets of successfully communicating across the border.

Connect. Do it yourself with the Communication in a Nutshell trainings of The Orange Typewriter.


It starts with planting a seed. With enough sunlight and water, it will grow into something beautiful. The same goes for your business. The newsletter Communication in a Nutshell – Tips for Entrepreneurs gives practical information, giving your company an immediate oomph! And no, you won’t be harassed with an overflow of tips. You’ve got something better to do. That’s why the newsletters of The Orange Typewriter are short, powerful and appear max once a month. Sign up here for the newsletter Communication in a Nutshell – Tips for Entrepreneurs and oomph up your business!

Communication in a Nutshell

Your business, your style, your words. Learn all you need to know about writing your own copy. From newsletters till Facebook messages. Learn the magic phrase and how to use it with the online training Communication in a Nutshell – How to effectively communicate your business in 11 steps. Costs € 111, – VAT included. Click here to start making an impact with your text!

Howdy or Hello

Your product deserves the world as its audience! The online training Howdy or Hello teaches you how to successfully connect abroad and expand your business across the boarders. Connect abroad now, click here.

She empowered my idea by using just the right words.Vanessa Heuvelman – INBEELD Therapy